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Saad EC was founded on April 28 1961 by Felício José Saad, a well known business man. In 1974 SAAD EC was already competing in the Men's 1st division of the São Paulo State Football League, in this division SAAD EC faced strong teams like: Corinthians, Palmeiras, Portuguesa, Santos, São Paulo, among many others.
In 1985 SAAD EC opened it's doors to Women's Football, at that time women's football was some what discriminated against. In this year a club called Guarani FC decided to end it's activities in the field of women's football.
Romeu Castro e Mara Villas Bôas de Carvalho, who worked in the management of the female Guarani Team, looked for Mr. Felício in order to have their already formed team, train and compete as SAAD EC. Mara Villas Bôas de Carvalho was the also the goalkeeper of the team.
In 1989 SAAD stopped having a Men's Football Team, but the women's football continued to shine brighter and brighter. During the 90's SAAD was the main club in women's football in Brasil. In 1993 SAAD becomes the first club in the country to offer it's female athletes a minimum wage of US$100. Another move to help the team's infra-structure was hiring coach Ademar Júnior, who later would be Brazilian National Team coach.
During 1994, 95, and 96 SAAD won 100% of all of the official women's football matches disputed. The team conquered the title of Brazilian Champion in two different divisions: U-17, and Adult. The result of all this success was that 32 different athletes won called to defend the Brazilian National Team. Among the star athletes were: Maravilha, Sissi, Kátia Cilene, Nalvinha, Elsi, Formiga, Grazielle, Michael Jackson, Emily, Nenê, Tatiana, Tânia Maria, Marisa, Talita, Grace, Lia, Juliana Cabral, Cloda, Michele, Renata and Russa. Out of all of these athletes one of the most successful is Sissi, who was considered the 2nd best female player in the world during the 1999 Women's World Cup in the USA. She currently plays in San Jose, California for the San Jose Cyber Rays.
A successful Brazilian Company called, Sport Promotion, created the first Paulistana (Women's São Paulo State Championships). This competition created a more professional scene for Women's Football, it also provided quotas for the television transmissions. During this tournament SAAD participated in the organization and did not compete due to the fact that the team was more superior than the competition. What ended up happening was that SAAD loaned a total 40 players among the 8 teams competing.
The year of 1998 saw SAAD travel to the US with many athletes to begin a partnership with the National American University, who were South Dakota champions at the time. This partnership was very successful and helped take South Dakota to their first Region II finals, which is one of the biggest Women's Football festivals in the US.
Soon SAAD will be getting ready to go on a tour of the US , and the good news is the SAAD will be able to count on the one and only Sissi to go on this tour with the team.


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